Monday, June 1, 2015

Grandparents Weekend

We had a busy weekend with the grandkids. We got Anja late Thursday afternoon to stay with us until  Sunday, while her parents attended Sam Holden's wedding. Thursday night we went to Cali's first grade play where she was a "Hobo" spider. Friday we went with Josh and Brandy to the Gunter Tigers playoff baseball game in Kennedale. Zach got moved up for the play off games. Anja did great. Brandi helped bounce her during the game. Saturday Mindi and Cali joined us, as we all went back to Kennedale for another baseball game. Anja was great again. We then all went out to eat for Josh and Brandi's wedding anniversary. Sunday was church and our normal family meal.
Game 1 with Dawn and Bill

Game 2

Sunday lunch at Andrea's with Aunt Di

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