Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Cabin

Rick, Mindi, Cade, Cali, Keylyn, Peyton, Abby and I in a rented Tahoe left on Tuesday before Thanksgiving for the cabin in New Mexico. We were packed to the roof with no space to spare. When we got there, Roger had to come to the fire station to pick us up in his 4-wheel drive to take us up the mountain. Two days earlier they had a big snow so a 2-wheel drive would not make it up to the cabins. 
We stayed in Sue’s cabin the first two nights then moved to the other cabin Thursday morning after Roger and his family left. We transferred all our luggage and groceries by sled. 
 There was lots of snow and ice so the kids got to sled all over the mountain. I enjoyed God’s beautiful creation of the mountain, snow, deer, turkeys, birds, and trees with my camera. We cooked a full Thanksgiving meal. On Friday we walk down to the station to get our vehicle so that we could take the kids to Red River.
 It was amazing to see how patient and laid back Rick was on this trip with his grandchildren. He was actually content not working from sun-up to sundown without any projects going on.
 Memories were made with these four grandchildren that will last a long time.

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