Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jenna Married HerMann

On November 21, Jenna and Jared got married. The 6 weeks leading up to her wedding was not your normal wedding activities. Jenna is a supervisor of a critical care unit at Dallas Presby. This just happened to be where the first Ebola patient in the US died. She was highly involved in the Ebola case that was in the news worldwide. She had two of her nurses to even come down with it. Her life was turned upside down for three weeks. During this time, Anja was born and she could not go meet her, she had a wedding shower canceled, she worked many long hours, and was highly involved with the CCC and other important beings.

There were a few things that did get to take place. A Low-Country feast was held at their Mansfield friend’s house. This is the place we first saw the line that “Jenna found HerMann”. We had a nice luncheon at Haitie’s in the Bishop Arts district. We had a bridal luncheon at “The Pantry” and pedicures/manicures before the wedding.

Chad and Tara got to come home from Singapore for the week. We had a birthday meal for Chad on Friday with all the kids when they got to town. This is when they got to meet Anja. 

Saturday we met Tara’s family at Babe’s for a big family meal with the Foleys, Davises, and Fergusons. Sunday we had 24 at the house for a Thanksgiving meal and Christmas crafts. Monday the four kids all went to visit Aunt Bonnie. Wednesday was the pedi/mani day. Thursday was bridal luncheon and rehearsal dinner at Kellys in Allen. Friday was the wedding. We did Chick Fil A at the hotel for lunch while the girls got dress. The wedding and reception was at The Flour Mill in McKinney. Blue Mesa did the buffet. Rick and I sat with my four kids and Dawn and Bill.

The night was perfect - a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride. Everyone had a great time. May God bless Jenna and Jared Hermann with a wonderful life together.

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