Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow Days - Four Great days (Make that Six)

Every teacher and student lives to hear the words "snow day". First is the anticipation of whether the bad weather is really going to happen; and then if the roads are going to bad enough to close schools. Thursday, the sleet did come through and the message came that Gunter schools would close on Friday. YEA!!!! Wait a minute. I DON'T WORK.  It doesn't matter.  Well it really did; I was stuck at home. So it was  "snow days" for me.
I love my Christmas Decorations.
Day one - I cooked cherry cheese braid, cinnamon rolls, and cherry crisps. I watched 10 hours of movies - "The Sound of Music" with Carrie Underwood, two Hallmark Christmas chick flicks, and "Thelma and Louise". This is the most tv I have ever watched in one day.
The Bobcat
Day two - I cooked an apple cake with a Carmel frosting. Rick was home so I rode the tractor with him out to the farm to crack ice. The highlight was a rabbit, a bobcat, and her kittens. We watched another movie, "The Bucket List"; and I had a lot of iPad time with Candy Crush and Spider.
Day three - I make two batches of Jalapeno Jelly and sugar cookies. Rick went and got Mindi, Cali, and Cade on the tractor. He pulled them in the pasture on a sled behind the mule. I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie; and then we watched football.
Sledding fun
Day four - Rick went to work. I cleaned all the sock drawers, and threw away at least 50 single socks that the dryer ate the match. The rest of the day I watched Christmas movies, read, and played with my camera.

 I loved my "snow days", even though every day can be a snow day for me. It was special with the white covering and so very Christmasy. Thank you, God, for this Christmas gift. ( I did have to edit this that it ended up being 6 days being iced in.)

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