Sunday, December 15, 2013


Two weeks ago on our way to Sunday lunch, Cali told me that she called and left her Christmas list with Santa Claus. Then she told me about "Sparky", her elf on the shelf, that brought Christmas magic to her house. WOW! I wanted to be included in this Christmas magic. So Mindi dialed Santa for me, and I got to leave my Christmas wish on his voicemail. I told Santa that I really would like an elf so that I could experience this magic.
Thursday night I got my Christmas wish - our elf just appeared while we were feeding cows. What a great surprise!
The first thing you have to do is name your elf. I wanted Rick to have some input, but I did not like his suggestion for a name - Manis. The end of both our names - Streetman and Davis. It wasn't girlie or cute enough for this special elf. So I did the normal thing. I started googling elf names. There were many cute names, but none that Rick and I could agree on. He was pretty closed-minded, since I did not like Manis. However, soon as I saw Noel, I knew I had the name -Joelle. Rick's middle name is Joel, so Joelle was perfect; and Rick even liked the idea. I did read that an elf is supposed to have two names. That is where Merry came in (Merry for Marilyn).
I can't wait to see what mischief Joelle will be getting in during this holiday season. She has already taken a ride on the Christmas Musical train.

Left Santa - Scoggins Santa /Right Sanat - Streetman Santa

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