Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Wedding Weekend

"This is the day that the Lord hath made, and I will rejoice in it...." This was the opening remark at the wedding ceremony, but it pretty much sums up the entire wedding weekend of activities. There was a huge amount of rejoicing going on from the very beginning. It was all very special and very fairytale like from the beginning to the end. I will list a few of the highlights from the weekend:

The rehearsal dinner was at Ozona's, a favorite hangout of the kids. The food and speeches were quite entertaining. Our kids friends are so fun to be around.
The morning of the wedding, Di and I got up fairly early to go down for a muffin. In the hotel coffee shop, there sat Chad with his iPhone all alone, reading his Bible and having his quiet time. He had been up since 5 or 6 AM. He was too excited to sleep. He has not slept much all week, because he was too excited.
We attended a brunch for Tara with 32 other bridesmaids and relatives at the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus. The food was exquistie. I definitely gave up my low-carb diet for this occasion. The dessert platter was to die for.
Tara, Chad, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were all very beautiful/handsome. I know I am prejudice, but I do not when I have ever seen 16 cute kids in one wedding at the same time. It was magical.
The reception was pure fun. Dave, Chad's friend, sang for the special dances. Chad had written the words to the song for his and Tara's dance last week for her. He and I danced to a song he had written last year about his dad. Tara and her Dad danced to Frank Sinatra's song, "The Way you Look Tonight."
At midnight we all went to the pool at the hotel. They passed out sparklers for all to wave and sing as we welcomed in 2012.
The fraternity boys sang the "Loving Cup" song at my request.
I have slowly been seeing pictures that the professional photographers took. The photographers were the best. When the group went from the wedding to the reception, they even went outside on Main Street, Dallas, Texas and stopped the traffic to take a picture.
The entire wedding weekend was photographed with hundreds of pictures. Diana and another friend took 500 pictures. I do not know how many the professional photographers took yet.

I was waiting to get some of the professional pictures before I put this post out there; however, they will just have to come later.

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