Monday, May 3, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame(s)

By marrying Rick, I inherited FOUR little ballplayers. Three of them had tournaments this weekend. They played a total of 15 games, which all three played for the championships. This weekend they won two second places and one championship. I have to admit Rick and I are not Nanna and Jack. We do not make every game, nor do we get there atleast 30 minutes before the game starts. Yesterday, we did see a segment of 5 different games in two towns over a period of time.

Cali got bored with so much baseball. She found a sand pile to destroy during Cade's game.

Saturday we took the day off from grandkids ballgames and went to a ladies' football game. A lady in Rick's Houston office plays on a football team. When they come to the Fort Worth/ Dallas area, we try to make her games. This is entertaining to see women play REAL football. This is not lingerie football.

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