Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Big Loser

No - I am not the big loser in any weight loss contest. I am the big loser when it comes to family games. I have been beat big time at Scrabble by Chad. I had no idea he was the KING of Scrabble. Then last night I was beat like a drum by Diana and Greg at Canasta. I did not know that my sister was the QUEEN of Canasta. I had a hard time facing the fact that I was a big-time loser at some games. I know that I should have just been thrilled with all the great family time that we have been having with family games. I guess one of my New Year's Goal can be to learn to lose gracefully. I wish this losing would transfer to weight loss. There is where I would like to be the BIG LOSER.


  1. In your defense i play scrabble ALOT! Just ask rickie

  2. You did when at skip-bo. Maybe you should stick to that game...or was your partner carrying you?!

  3. I LOVE Scrabble and Canasta! I grew up on those, as well as 42.

    Popping over from Texas Blogging Gals. Nice to meet you!