Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Building for the Glory of God

Tomorrow is the last day of our mission trip. Again this week just reinforces what an awesome God we serve. Each year the right people for the job go on the trip. This year was no exception; we had the right people for the job. The teenagers were excellent. The new people jumped right in and worked wonderful with the group. 
Several things especially blessed me. First, Dawn and Bill Arrington were a blessing. Bill is getting over bypass surgery, and Dawn had knee surgery last Monday. The doctor told her no way could she go after having the surgery. She was distraught over this. Finally on Thursday night she told Bill that if Delois Heath and Sandy Garner could both go with cancer, she could go with her knee. Bill gave a devotion on Monday that was such a testimony. They both had such a sweet spirit and so grateful that were able to get to be a part of this.
I am always amazed that so many use this week as their family vacation. As a teacher that is on summer break, I really do not sacrifice anything for this trip other than my own bed. I always hope that these people will be blessed for using their vacation time in such a way.
I was outside of the church unloading some trash, where I overheard the preacher here was talking on a cellphone to someone else. He was telling this other person that he really needed to come out to the church to see ALL these people working. He said it was a sight to see. Not only were they ALL working, they actually knew what they were doing. 
Again I give God all the glory for another great mission trip. As always, I was blessed for Him letting me be apart of it.


  1. Sounds like it was a good trip! Hope I can go on one again someday

  2. Thanks for the post from Missouri!! You've been and received blessings I know.

  3. Jeff was wondering today how the trip went. I told him that I was sure you probably had some posts that I missed while at Falls Creek. So glad to read this.
    Please, please, please give Dawn and Bill hugs for me. I will try to call them.
    Now, I've got to read your next post.