Sunday, June 7, 2009

No Sweat, Please!!

We have completed our first week of summer break. It is still hard to realize that school is really out even though I did work two and half days this week. It is on my time schedule now. I did find a way to get a few good meals in, a little fun at Texas Motor Speedway, and doctors' appointments.

I have had another sensor go out on my car and the air conditioner is out in the house right now. I try really hard not to whine too much, because I know there are so many people less fortunate that me on a daily basis. I do have a car for the sensors to go out and a house with an air condition that can break. For some reason God let me live in Small Town, Texas during this time period where we are blessed with many luxuries of life. I am very thankful for this, because I would not have made a very good primitive woman or a woman in some third world country today. I do not like to sweat nor do I like to eat mystery meat. No, Jerry - I do not have your adventurous drive for the unknown countries.

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