Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Kennith Marlow Scoggins 
January 20, 1920 - April 14, 1990

I thought I would take a moment from our travels to write a very brief tribute to my dad on this day. I cannot do it justice in one blog. Just as it took several to pay tribute to Mother on Mother's Day; it will take equally to do justice for Daddy. So for a top ten with stories to follow this week.

1. Daddy loved life. He had fun wherever he was - no matter the situation.
2. He loved his family and was always there.
3. He never met a stranger. He had the gift of gab.
4. He had a great laugh and smile.
5. He liked to be outside. He loved nature.
6. He loved the land and to hunt.
7. He loved to GO - Go anywhere, anytime.
8. He liked to eat.
9. He was "hard headed" and hated storms.
10. He liked brand new red Chevrolet pickups.

God blessed me really well with the parents that I had. They were a great balance to learn life lessons. "Honor thy father and thy mother," was quite easy for me.

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