Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Life is still good, and I am still blessed

It seems that I am only getting a blog done every 6 or 7 months. So I guess I will just have to hit the highlights. Then someday if I ever should get bored, I can go back and write stories to go with the bullets for the last 7 months.

May 15 - Built a playground in a week in Gunter.
May 23 - Flew to Nashville for the week to take care of Anja, who had broken her leg.
June 12 - Ladies' trip to Oregon. Visited the coast, Crater lake, Tillamook, Mount Hood, and all the other sites around the state.
July 4 - Activites. Greg came in on the weekends and stayed for the shows. Lisa and Anja in Minnesota. Chad did not come in. Sold record amounts of fireworks and shut our stand down on July 3. Three shows.
July 16 - Flew to Minneapolis and rented a car to go to Crosslakes for the birth of Isabel. She was born on July 18 (named two days later). I kept Anja while they were at the hospital at their lake house.
July 29 - Rick and I went to New Mexico cabin. Barry, Vickie, Roger, and Jeanie also came. We put a new kitchen floor down and some other chores. We saw a bear, deer, and turkeys. Rick and I fished in the creeks.
August 10 - Molly Sage Ferguson born
August 20 - Rick and I flew to Portland, Oregon. We did some sightseeing for two days, then we met up with Brian to do some King Salmon fishing. We each caught one.
September 15 - Nashville Sprinkler show and visited with the kids. Ate at Puckets, toured some historical sites and homes, stayed at Gaylord for show, then went back to Greg's for Anja's second birthday party.
September 21 - Ladies' trip to Niagara Falls. Flew into Buffalo, went immediately to Canada (where we were off the grid because of no international cell phone usage) We did everything Niagara Falls, then started the driving tour Toronto.
October 20 - Greg, Lisa, and the girls came to visit. I kept the girls on the weekend while they went to a Tech game. We had lots of family time. Jared and Jenna also came to town. All the cousins got to meet each other. Pumpkin patch, park, and lots of food and family time.

Lady Antebellum
Tom Jones

As I end so many of my posts - life is good, and I am still blessed.

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