Monday, March 21, 2016

Yep! Time is Marching on - Faster and Faster

I just noticed that I have not written a post since last July. Wow! A lot of water has run under the bridge. I can barely remember what all has taken place, so I will just list things:

Family life events:
Rick had major brain surgery with answered prayers in a miraculous way.
Aunt Bonnie passed away in January.
Marlow Mae was born on December 2.
Justin and Keelie announced a new baby girl for the first of August.
Greg and Lisa announced a new baby girl for the end of July.
Greg and Lisa moved to Nashville in December.
Chad was here for a few days in January.

Loretta Lynn
Bill Medly - The Righteous Brother with BJ Thomas
Willie, Chris, and Merle
Rascal Flatts
Reba McEntire
Three Dog Night with Nazareth
Kenny Rogers
The Grand Old Opry while in Nashville
Legends concert in Hawaii

Phoenix with Rick for the Sprinkler show in October.
Cabin - skiing with all Rick's girls and grandkids in December.
Nashville to see Greg, Lisa, and Anja in March.
Ladies trip to Ouha, Hawaii in March.
Nascar in the fall.

In my spare time, I still enjoy several hobbies - genealogy and photography. I made six quilts last year. My flower beds are more colorful than they have ever been on the hill. I sill am very involved in the cattle business. With the grandkids, we always have a sporting event that we can attend. Plus the best part of being retired is each day I get to decide what I am going to do and where my Diet Coke is going to come from. Rick and Diana are always there to make sure that life does not get boring!

Life is still great. God continues to bless us greatly.

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  1. You can add another visit from Chad in 7 days!!