Monday, April 16, 2012

A Great Week End

Talk about random, this last Wednesday to Sunday was about as random as can be. Wednesday night Rick and I picked Chad up at the airport. I had a great Thursday with him. Then off to Dallas he went to catch up with Dave and the rest of his friends. Rick and I were off to the races; however, we had a blowout on our travel trailer on I35. Thanks to Rick and Diana they came to our rescue just in the knick of time. Only one tire shop was open at 7:30 at night. We finally got our trailer set up at the racetrack, and off to the airport Diana and I went again at midnight. Jerry came in from Cambodia. We did all the normal race activities. We had great family time with Jenna, a friend, Justin, and Jonah. The races were disappointing, we did not get to see one wreck! Saturday night at midnight we decided to pack up and come home because a storm was brewing. Sunday was the end to a great week. I had ALL my family, except Tara - the newest member in my family, in my house at one time, for a meal of course. Tara, you were missed!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Week 2012

This week is always a special week to me on various levels. So this post will be as random as ever with old and new comments in NO particular order.

My wonderful, beautiful daughter-in-law had her first birthday as a Davis, in Singapore. Luckily, her dad got to go visit and make her birthday special. I am sorry that I missed getting to hug her in person. We are so blessed to have her a part of our family, AND be willing to live the adventurous life with Chad out of the country.

In this past Good Friday post, I explain why good Friday is so memorable to me.

On Wednesday of this week, Marlon, a good friend near to my age, had a "significant" heart attack while playing the drums during praise practice at church. He had to have a stint put in. This morning, he was back at church playing the drums. The entire ordeal was emotional; I am so glad that God chose to let him live.

The Sunday School lesson, music, video, and sermon at church this morning was a fantastic experience. I felt God's presence when we walked in His house. I know with out a doubt that we serve a risen Savior;  I am so thankful that "He Lives," and that this is truly the reason for all seasons.

Rick, if and when you read this, thanks for being in my life these last 10 years. Kids, you were all missed today. For various reasons, Greg, Chad, Jenna, nor Justin got to be with us today.

Thanks to Rick's girls for letting me be a part of their lives. We got to watch four ballgames Saturday of the older grandchildren. Today, Cade and Cali came to visit.

Whoever reads this, I hope that you had a wonderful Easter. Zach played for Deion yesterday on one of his "truth"teams. On the fans' tshirts was a quote that said something about we look good, we play good, we feel good, and all is good. I can't remember the exact saying, but the bottom line was that Life is Good! I hope you can say the same thing. Happy Easter!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Sad Conclusion

Rick knew best. As I stated earlier, he would not let me name the calf. He had his doubts. The downhill slide began when the mother cow's udders started drying up - one per day. Each day we had less real milk and had to use the fake stuff. By Friday the mother was dried up. The calf would suck from the bottle, but she would not stand up without Rick holding her up. I kept saying that we just needed to do physical therapy on her. The story ended Saturday morning, one week after finding her in the cedar tree; a coyote got her during the night. So the story ends without a "happily ever after."