Sunday, October 14, 2012

What a Week!!!

This is one of those weeks that is amazing and emotional on several different levels. I could not decide what to write about so I decided it might be a week for a top ten post. So here goes. My top ten events for the week:

10. Last Saturday we went to my Aunt's 91st birthday party. She looks much younger than 91 years, still is at home, and has a great mind and attitude. She makes getting old look easy.

9. We got some more rain with a beautiful lightning show Saturday night.

8. Sporting events with the grandchildren was fun. Soccer games and baseball games of a 4 year old, 5 year old, and 7 year old will touch your heart.

7. Inservice on Monday with Gloom and Doom was the downer for the week. Our school is in severe financial problems, and some of us will be losing our jobs next year. This caused me to go through many different emotions in a 24 hour period, but I will say that God spoke to me very boldly in my Bible study this day. What an awesome God we serve!

6. Homecoming activities and dress up days is one of the many reasons why I still love teaching at middle school.

5. Homecoming Parade in a small town is like no other.

4. Homecoming Pep Rally in a small town is also like no other. In my 35 years of education, this was absolutely the BEST pep rally ever. Thanks to so many talented people, sponsors, and teachers.

3. Saturday night, we went to a Larry Gaitlin/Kenny Rogers concert. Kenny Rogers has been one of my favorites for 30 years. He still can sing a love song that will stir your heart. The concert was no disappointment. We had great family time with one of Rick's first cousins and Diana and Rick. The cousin is such a delight to be with.

2. The answer to fervent prayer - Rick Ferguson is gaining movement and some of his eye sight back in his eye that he lost during his brain cell implosion. I probably prayed more for this than anything I can remember in years. What an awesome God we serve. I believe I have already said this once in this post.

1. I got the phone call from Greg that I have been expecting in some form or fashion since February. A girl finally took his heart. He knew in February after knowing her for less than two weeks that she was the one. They have been jet-setting for 8 months. Each Monday I have been expecting a phone call from him that says they eloped. He prepared me from the beginning that this marriage would be an elopement. So this Monday - I did get the phone call. However, it was to tell me that they were going to elope November 25, one day before he turns 30, in Santa Fe. But the fantastic news is that I am invited. This is one proud Mother. I will write more about this romance/wedding later. But for know thanks, Lisa, for loving my son.

With tears in my eyes as I finish this post, I say again:
What an AWESOME God we serve!

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  1. I LOVED your post! Yes, we DO serve an awesome God!