Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Last Week of Summer Break

     Technically this is the last week of my summer break. It has been a very different summer, as I have eluded to several times. We did not do any summer vacations or a summer mission trip. We did do the traditional Fourth activities. We were at the mountain cabin Memorial Day to start the summer, and if nothing changes we will go there at the end of this week. Rick F. started the summer off with a blood clot and a brain tumor implosion with two hospital stays, and he will end the summer with another hospital visit this Thursday to get his gall bladder removed.
     Rick and I were hardly idle this summer. This summer was our summer of many projects. I will later  add pictures and the infamous list of al the projects. I am slowly getting in the groove of school by working a little here and there. I must confess, thanks to Jerry, I have a new addiction - Spider. This is a version of Solitaire. Instead of reading this summer, when I had a little free time I would be found playing this game. In fact, that is why I did not have as many posts as I usually do. If I will close now, I have just enough time for one more game.

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