Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Weekly Update

      This week was a very good week. I am well on my way to finishing two of the three majors goals I had on my list last Sunday night. I did take two days of school off this week. My Christmas shopping is 80% finished with presents wrapped. However, the major accomplishment is I found a dress and shoes for the wedding, in which I am pleased with both. Diana and Cheyrl had to go to Region 10 Monday night for about 30 minutes, so I decided I would go to Collin Creek to check out Macy's and Dillard's. After the shopping trip last week, I decided to change my criteria on the sleeve length. The dress I chose was in Dillard's. The special part of this was the sales lady that helped me was the same lady that Di and I bought dresses from 20-25 years ago when we were truly shoppers and Collin Creek Mall was the only place to shop. We had not seen her in years - she remembered us and our children. (Chad, she probably remembered  you under the racks and removing all the plastic sizes off the clothes hangers.) On Friday I found the shoes for the wedding. Now, I like purchasing the shoes for the reception and earings.
       For other Christmas happenings, we attended two church Christmas programs, a nice dinner with one of Rick's people from work, our Sunday School party, our middle school party, a Christmas band concert, and I cooked a family meal for Rick's and my family. I just love Christmas with all the hustle and bustle!!!!

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