Friday, July 1, 2011

A Pioneer Women - "wanna be"

Several of you who read my blog also follows "The Pioneer Woman." I am so very envious of this woman. She has made a very glamorous life of living on the farm/ranch doing all the things I love to do or "get" to do. She is famous for her blog at with a million followers.
I could do a comparison of our lives and there are a few minor similarities - cows, dog and cat, tractors, land, gardening, children (mine are grandchildren), cooking, Rick ( my Marlboro man) and even photography.  She has made it so glamorous and profitable.
Even though I am not famous doing all these things, nor do I have 20 followers, and no one has asked me to do my own cooking show, I am still living the good life in the country.

In anticipation for July Fourth, I hope that you will have good family time, food, fun, and fireworks.

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