Friday, February 19, 2010


December 24, 2005 - February 18, 2010

I read a quote I had written in my Bible this morning that I would like to start this blog off with: “ What matters most is how we live, love and spend our dash!” Missy met her demise yesterday. As I read this, I thought about her dash. I was given her on Christmas Eve 2005 by Greg and Chad. I had no idea what I was going to do with this little fur ball. We were leaving in two days on a ski trip to Taos, so this started our life together. Through the four years we truly became best friends. Never could I imagine how much fun and love a little dog could be. She loved me so unconditionally. Rick always said that she ruled me, and she did. She trained me really well. When she barked, I obeyed.

I pondered on some of Missy’s favorites that would be included in her dash:

· Going riding – anywhere – the farm, the bank, the lake, the Dollar store, etc.

· Her morning treat and a bite of Sachmo’s kitty food

· Sachmo – the cat

· Teddy Bear – her stuffed animal

· Going to bed at night on her pillow beside my head

· The back of the couch

· Her safe zone – under the bed or under Jack’s chair

· Rolling outside after going to the groomer’s

· Riding on the “mule” in the pasture

For all you pet lovers, give your dog an extra treat today for Missy. She missed her treat on this last morning. We did not get that far in our morning routine.

Now to tell about God’s hand in this. While I was out walking the pasture searching for her, I found a half-buried golf ball from the boys’ high school golf days. Whenever I find these, I usually smile and pick them up. This morning I cried as I picked it up, because the boys were responsible for me having her. I dropped it in my pocket. After we realized what had happened to her, I felt compelled to bury the golf ball in the flower bed. I believe that God put this all together so that I could have some type of closure, since there was no Missy to bury.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Phase 1 - Lots of Progress and a Story

This is from last weekend.

Rick did some really good work while I was gone, and even more when I got home. I will give a brief update with pictures and then tell his calf story. Things accomplished this week:
  • ceilings and walls - textured and painted
  • upper cabinets - stained, sprayed, and HUNG
  • kitchen ceiling and cabinet lights
For fourteen days, we have made some major progress.

The Calf Story
Rick went to check the cows out at the farm the day of the blizzard on his way home from work in his tennis shoes and no coveralls, etc. While there he found a brand new baby calf. Since we had already lost one new baby during some bad weather, he was concerned about this one. So he decided to carry this 100 pound calf to shelter in the blowing snow. He had to stop several times to rest, he was in mud and snow up to his knees, and his chest and throat were killing him. Of course, no cell phone was with him. He had two thoughts during this time if something was to happen to him:
1. No one knew where he was.
2. It would not be fair to me, if I had to go through losing another husband. (I was greatly moved when he told me this.) He said that the good Lord was taking care of me!
He finally got the calf in shelter, and he got back to his truck. He was gasping for air, his fingers were almost frostbit, and he was wet and muddy up to his thighs. After he left the farm, he was so thirsty that he had to stop on the side of the road to eat some snow. He did end up with a sore throat and sore lungs from breathing so much cold air.
Now that time has elapsed, his thoughts are that he must have a pretty strong heart. The calf is still alive and doing fine.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TCEA - 2010

Good Day from Austin. I am having a blast. I have even chosen some really good workshops yesterday and today. Technology amazes me. The problem with it is two-fold - not enough money and not enough time. I have trouble keeping up with my blog.

I hear it is snowing at home. Also I hear Rick is doing some really good work at the house. I will write more later.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Phase 1 - continued

Here I am in Austin at the TCEA conference with my house looking like a bomb exploded. You've got to love it. I will get to experience the best of it all. I love the TCEA conference. I am really one of the technology nerds who loves to touch and see all the latest things others are doing. I am waiting on a workshop right now to begin on BLOGGING (and other Web 2.0 apps)!

As for as the house, this weekend we continued with Phase 1. The ceiling got scraped and taped. All of the light fixtures are gone; as well as, the paper and wainscot paneling. The paper was the biggest challenge; but thanks to Rick, Chad, and Tara, I made my goal to have it all off the wall by the time I went to bed Sunday night. We used a various of techniques to do the stripping that I had found on the internet. WOW! This was messy.

The goal for this week is that the ceilings and walls will be done by the painter. The cabinets will be stained; and hopefully, ready to hang next weekend.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Phase 1

We are doing the kitchen in three phases. The ceiling, pantry and upper cabinets are all part of phase 1. Saturday the demolition actually began. We unloaded and tore out the top cabinets. Of course there was no ceiling above the furdowns, so Rick had to do some sheetrocking, also.