Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Phase 1 - continued

Here I am in Austin at the TCEA conference with my house looking like a bomb exploded. You've got to love it. I will get to experience the best of it all. I love the TCEA conference. I am really one of the technology nerds who loves to touch and see all the latest things others are doing. I am waiting on a workshop right now to begin on BLOGGING (and other Web 2.0 apps)!

As for as the house, this weekend we continued with Phase 1. The ceiling got scraped and taped. All of the light fixtures are gone; as well as, the paper and wainscot paneling. The paper was the biggest challenge; but thanks to Rick, Chad, and Tara, I made my goal to have it all off the wall by the time I went to bed Sunday night. We used a various of techniques to do the stripping that I had found on the internet. WOW! This was messy.

The goal for this week is that the ceilings and walls will be done by the painter. The cabinets will be stained; and hopefully, ready to hang next weekend.

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