Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Update

Before we started
It has been several days since I have updated. Rick and I went to Kansas City for the summer mission construction trip. We took 65 people with about 50 of them that would go to work on the church.  Our task was to cover the outside of a new church with gysum board. In four days we got 98 percent finished. It was a total blessing for them and us.
At the end of the week

The other item that has taken Rick and my time is ballgames. Both of his oldest grandsons are great baseball players and played in the state tournaments and one of them played also in the national tournament. This meant trips to Sulphur Springs and Longview on the weekends. We had not planned on going to Longview but soon as we got home from Kansas City, we got the phone call that we were the only grandparents that were not there. So away we went to the ballgames. The boys did win championships!

The third thing that has been taken our time is canning jelly. We bought peaches, plums, and peppers. The canning is going great, just time consuming. I believe that I have about 80 jars at this time, and I am about 40 percent done.

It saddens me to say that my summer is almost over. I know that it would go slower if I did not try to pack so much in to this time off.

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