Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Grandparents' Day

September 13 - Grandparents' Day
Although we do not make a big deal over this day in our family, I would like to make a few random thoughts about Grandparents - past, present, and future.
George Marlow Scoggins and Sallie Lucille Taylor Scoggins - parents of 12 children (one of which was my dad) Both lived in to their 90's. They were instrumental in starting the Mount Carmel Baptist Church on Scoggins road.
Henry Eaf Henderson and Emma Mae Francis Henderson - parents of three girls. Diana wrote a beautiful blog about Emma Mae (Ma) They were a very devoted Christian couple.
Kennith Marlow and Bennie Scoggins - my parents. The best parents anyone could have. Together they complimented each other to give us the balance of work and play with strong Christian morals. They loved their four grandchildren. I know Nannie said many prayers for you kids.
Loren and Edna Ferguson - Diana's Rick's parents. They were so good to "adopt" my children as their extended grandchildren. I will always be grateful for the love that they showed my boys. They were also a very devoted Christian couple.

As I wrote this, a common thread went all through this. All had a relationship with God, and they passed it on to the next generation. God has really blessed me.

By marrying Rick, I have inherited five grandchildren. My hope and prayer is that I will be as good of grandparent to them as the grandparents from my past. I hope that I will live my life so that they can see Christ in me. I also hope that the love of Christ will continue in our family.

I am in no way in a hurry to have my own blood grandchildren. My boys are grateful for Rick's girls providing me with grandchildren. I would rather the boys continue the search to find the perfect wives for them and daughters-in-law for me.

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  1. I'm glad you're in no hurry cause neither are we!