Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kennith Marlow Scoggins

Last Sunday would have been his 95th birthday. However his life was cut short due to his health. It is so hard to believe that he has been gone 25 years. My dad was a very special person to me,  just like most dads are to their daughters.

He loved life; and everyone who knew him has a Kenneth story, whether it is a hunting story, a cow story, or just about meeting him. He never met a stranger. This month I went to my ob-gyn doctor who told me the story about when he came to Sherman in 1973 or 1974 as a young new doctor. He came to Gunter with my mom's doctor to bird hunt with my dad and how that memory of meeting and hunting with my dad has stayed with him all these years.

I think of Daddy often because I am so involved in our cow business. Rick and I have been bottle feeding a calf since December 1, who I have named Rudy. Through the rain, mud, wind and cold I always think that Daddy is smiling at Rudy and me during feeding time.

I also got my first 4 wheel drive pickup truck this month. I drive the hay wagon on feeding days. I have been stuck numerous times in the mud, and Rick always has to come to my rescue on the tractor to shove me out of the mud. I know Daddy and Rick are shaking their heads at me knowing that I should not have driven the path that I did in the pasture. However, when I got stuck on Tuesday of this week, I just punched the little 4-wheel drive button and drove myself out of the mud. I had to laugh knowing that Daddy was smiling again.

I hope that he gets a few smiles from the things we do, to repay him for the joy and happiness that he gave this girl for the first 33 years of her life. Thanks Daddy for teaching me to enjoy the simple things in life and to live life fully each day. Thanks for the memories.