Monday, June 25, 2012

And the Story goes on - Part 2

Two weeks have past and a very swift river has run under the bridge these two weeks. To begin with Diana wrote about her Rick's story ( on her blog. It explains where he is in his story. Prayers are still coveted, if you are reading this.
Last weekend Rick got new TV cable run through the entire house. We have cable television again. He also got the game room ceiling scraped and painted.
This Saturday I got gas to my kitchen after several trips to Johnson-Burkes for plumbing supplies. The painter showed up and got three-fourths of the ceiling taped and bed before he got sick and disappeared.
With the plumbing and cable troubles, this gave Rick the idea that this was a great time to build an outside kitchen. So we made several trips to Plano and many trips to Lowes and Home Depot this past week. This is what the kitchen looks like after the first weekend.
With all this we also have the beginning of "Fireworks Season." Greg and Kayah arrived Wednesday night   to start the season. Jerry came in after Rick's brain cell implosion. Chad will be coming in this week, and Tara will be here the weekend. Great food, fun, and family time are on the horizon.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And the Story Goes On

Water has run under many bridges since I last posted. Randy, Rick and Di, Rick and I, plus the girls, Elly and Abby, went to the cabin in New Mexico to build a deck. The first morning Rick F. fell through the porch on an axe handle. Long story short, he ended up in the hospital with a blod clot and other complications.
We had a new roof put on the house, in which the roofers hit the gas line. We still do not have this fixed. 5/8 inch soft copper tubing is hard to find.
Our cable television has decided to stop working. It is the connectors in the attic. We have wires running through the flower bed, through the patio door, to the tv.
I have decided the game room carpet needs to be replaced. Rick decided the ceiling needed to be scraped and walls painted. Sunday we started scraping the ceiling. It looks like a bomb has exploded.
I am not complaining or worried. School is out, and I have the summer to take care of all these minor things. However, if you are reading this, Rick, my brother-in-law, can use your prayers in a mighty way. Di or I will be posting his story soon.