Friday, May 27, 2011

Today in History

Today is a very sad day in history. Diana is no longer working for Gunter ISD for the first time in 33 years, and I no longer have my best friend and sister in the office next to me. It has been said many times that we sometime do not realize how valuable someone or something is until you lose it. This is definitely the case with Di leaving the school. It is all of our great loss. There were several things that you could count on while she was in charge: she always did what was best for the student, she was fair and consistent, and she was a very effective principal for students, teachers, and parents. On a personal note, I was so blessed to get to work with my sister all these years.

Diana's "Good-Bye"  (after the tears)!

Even though she has closed one chapter of her life, she is starting a brand new one. In one week she is starting a month long course to get her Diagnostician's certification. I wish her the very best, and I know that she will be as great of a "diag" as she was an educator.

Love and Best Wishes to you, Di!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Good Life

I am a little behind in my posts. Life has been great, but busy. I had a great trip to New York City with the family. We literally did it ALL. Our feet and legs were proof that we did not miss anything. Not only did we do all the touristy things, we ate all the touristy things - pizza, deli sandwiches, cupcakes, ice cream, and banana pudding at numerous locations. The boys started making cupcake jokes after the second day. However, they did not turn down the banana pudding at the Magnolia bakery - either time we were there.
God has blessed me richly with a great family and the opportunity to visit such a RANDOM city. (That was Greg's definition of New York City.)